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What is Photo Editing?

Photo editing is the act of altering an image, but the process is quite complex. 

Other terms for Photo Editing:

  • Image Editing.
  • Post-Processing.
  • Image/Photo Manipulation.
  • Photoshopping.
  • Image/Photo Enhancement.


Different types of Photo Editing.

Simple Photo Editing:

  • Noise reduction - Smoothing the picture out.
  • White Balance - Color of light in the image.
  • Contrast - High Contrast = Punchy image where Low Contrast = Flatter in colour.
  • Exposure - The brightness of the image.
  • Lens Correction - Addresses any issues with the camera lens.
  • Color Adjustments - Chane color of an item or element in the image.
  • Resizing and Cropping - Adjust the dimensions of the image.
  • Background Removal - Delete the background of the image.

Advanced Photo Editing:

  • Clipping paths - Extract a subject or element.
  • Portrait Corrections - Fix the complexion of people.
  • Drop and Reflection Shadow - Create or adjust shadows.
  • Special Effects - Can mean an array of things, from animation to adding weather conditions like fog or snow.
  • Adjusting Text and Visuels - Add overlays or manipulate what's already there.
  • Photo Stitching - When you seamlessly put 2 images together and make it look like it was shot that way.
  • Photo Masking and Layers - Process of hiding and revealing specified portions.
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