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What is a Website?

A website is a collection of web pages and content related to the business organization, product or service whose website it is and it is accessed through a URL link or website link. A website is used to display information and to advertise the business, organization, product or service.


Why Choose L&D’s Designs to design your website?


  • We are very affordable, we offer a website worth R10 000.00 for only R3 500.00
  • We are very professional.
  • We are very fast passed and design websites very quickly.
  • We ensure your website is displayed on 3 different platforms.
  • We ensure that your website will be found by search engines such as Google.
  • We offer very easy self-maintaining websites on the Kwikwap system.
  • We teach you everything you need to know about managing your own website within 3 hours and we come to you.
  • We offer our assistance whenever you need it, you will never be alone.


What is the Kwikwap system?

The Kwikwap is a web-based system that creates and manages websites. We have our own set of unique website templates to choose from and there is a template for every industry. The system had many other features/modules.


More about the modules:

Events Calendar

This Module enables you to add events easily to a calendar that is displayed on your website for all to see. This module is ideal for schools, clubs and other organizations having regular events or functions.


This allows you to have an important announcement scrolling on your website in a prominent place for all customers/visitors to see

Specials and Promotions

You can advertise specials and promotions on your products and/or services that there on your website. The goal of this module is to attract more traffic to you website as well as attract serious potential customers.


With this, you can use the free mailing system to distribute a newsletter to your subscribed list and it’s a wonderful way to keep your stakeholders informed with a regular newsletter. This tool is very effective as it improves your website rankings and searches engine results.

SMS – Reminder

This allows you to set up automatic reminder SMS’s for your clients, you can send the same SMS to multiple numbers or a different message to different numbers. The SMS’s will be charged at 25c each.

Photo Gallery

With this module, you can set up your photo gallery with multiple albums on your website and each album and photo can have their own description. You can add an unlimited number of photos to your gallery.

Documents and Brochures

This allows you to add documents and brochures to your website. The documents will be available for download to visitors and you can even email individual documents from your website to potential customers using the mailing system.


This module can be used to collect data from clients and stakeholders. It allows you to create your own online form and/or survey and the forms can be allocated to various pages on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This module when activated can help improve search engine results and it can give useful information to your website visitors. It also allows potential clients to ask you questions which is not yet answered in the FAQ.

Custom Pages

With your Kwikwap Website, you can add up to 15 custom pages where you can add whatever you like in whatever format. Some businesses use it as an extra gallery and others use it as an advertising page where you can sell advertising space.

Members Only Area

You can add and members-only area, you can limit certain sections of your website to this area. The data in this area is protected and can’t be seen by non-members. You can add any type of content like videos, photos, documents, etc.

For example, a school/college can add their exam results in this section.

Online Ticket Sales

With this module, you can sell tickets to a concert, school, events, fundraising raffles, etc. With this module, you have to activate the e-commerce module as well. The online ticket sales are linked to the e-commerce module which is where you can accept the payment for the tickets.

3rd Level Products and Services

The 3rd Level Modules work as follows:

Background – Under Normal products and services you can have groups and in these groups, you can have different products we call this 2 Level with 3rd level clients can now have sub-groups. This module will cost an additional R150 pm.

3rd Level Additional Pages

Industrial Properties

This Module Allows Estate Agents and Dealerships as mentioned to add up to 999 properties and Vehicles with 6 pictures each to their website. The use of this module is free of charge but the SMS’s that will be sent out will cost 25c each.

Once this module is enabled you will be assigned a unique estate agent or dealer code. Each Property/Vehicle is assigned a unique code based on your Estate agent/Dealer code.

The Property/Vehicle Code can be SMS’d to 37995 and an SMS will be sent back to the sender with a link to the listing matching the unique code

Standard SMS rates apply.


Estate Agent

Auto Dealer

Caravan Dealer

Bike Dealer

Boat Dealer

Tractor Dealer

Rental Agency

Data Sheet Module

This module adds a searchable database where your clients can search for a specific number/word and get information regarding the specific number/word. The information will be displayed in a table.

Directory Module

With this module, you can add a directory to your website and have as many categories as you like.

Forum Module

With this feature, you can add a forum to your website and instead of having all the threads on one page, you can create “Boards” to categorize them for visitors.

Outline features for the forum:

1. Boards – allows you to create categories where topics/threads can be viewed in a specific category.

2. Sticky Notes – This allows you to add important notices/topics at the top of the board allowing visitors to see that 1st.

3. Lock Topics – You can lock topics allowing it to still be viewed but no one can reply to it.

Recruitment Module

With this, you can list jobs that are available in the market place and/or jobs available in your own company and you can list these jobs by category. This module is fully interactive and allows clients to list themselves as job seekers and apply for jobs online and it includes a CV upload Facility.

Loan Application Form

This module allows you to add an electric form where clients can apply for a loan. These application forms are intelligent, it does checks on the person using their ID number for validity. It returns different questions depending on the proceeding questions. Once the application is completed the application form will then be emailed to your email address.

Appointment Booking Form Module

This allows you to add an appointment booking form where the user/clients are able to fill out a booking form and choose available times using the calendar. The completed forms can then be sent to your email or SMS’d to your cellphone.

Branch Module

This allows you to link the content of your website to another website. For example, if you have multiple branches of your company you can have a Head office website and then link the services, prices, and other modules to the other branch websites.

Accommodation Enquiry Form

This is a form where guests can enquire about anything.

Accommodation Listings & Bookings

You can your establishments/Rooms on your website with a live calendar of bookings and a booking form. The system allows customers to book & Pay for accommodation straight away via the website which makes everything much easier and the module has a comprehensive management system attached making managing your books very easy.

Communicate with customers

This system allows you to send out monthly newsletters, Bulk SMS’s and even set birthday SMS’s to your clients it also allows CSV uploads which makes sending information as easy as a click of a button.

Animated Logo Banner

You can have rotating images on your website which will be displayed on every page. It can be a great thing to have some graphics displayed across your website.

Digital Downloads

This module allows you to sell or give away digital files such as music, software, books, etc. It is only limited to 100MB which is suitable for most purposes.

You have a choice to make the file free or to charge a fee for it. If you choose to charge people we take no cut every penny is yours. If you want to sell the files you’ll have to activate the e-commerce module too as they are linked. Buyers can pay via EFT, Credit Card, or PayPal. Please note that we use sophisticated methods to ensure the download link is only used once so you don’t have to worry about people distributing the link.

Social Media & Contact Tabs

You can add links to the left of your website, you can create links to your Social Media such as your Facebook Page, Twitter Acc or a tab to your contact details.


This allows you to create links to outside websites and even sell advertising spots. It’s a good place to link your suppliers that clients could benefit from.

Business Listing Module

This module allows you to build individual one-page websites for clients inside your own website.

Video Listing

You can add different categories and add/share your videos that you have uploaded to YouTube on your website.


With the Testimonials, your clients can write and add testimonials on your website and you can even thank them via the website as well.

Off-The-Shelf Websites

We have our own set of unique website templates to choose from and there is a template for every industry.





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